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Results of the Honeyd Challenge

March 21th, 2003

Results of the Honeyd Challenge

On February 17th, we announced the first Honeyd challenge and asked the community to improve Honeyd by creating useful feature additions. One month later we received eight submissions which were evaluated by the judges during the last week. While eight submissions is a small number compared to the challenges of the Honeynet Project, we were still impressed by the novelty of the solutions and the amount of time that the contestants put into the Honeyd Challenge.

The best submissions included a pattern detection engine for the network traffic passing through Honeyd and a tool that builds random, realistic honeyd configuration files. We also received submissions for a graphical user interface, a port of Honeyd to Windows and many more.

Top Submissions

See below for a ranking of the top submissions. Each submission will receive a signed copy of Lance Spitzner's new book "Honeypots: Tracking Hackers." The top three winners (Christian Kreibich, Andrew B. Smith/Jason M. Fox and Brian Caswell) get to choose one additional prize each including a free pass to CanSecWest/core03 conference including a free hotel (up to four nights) for the first place, a $200 gift certificate to amazon for the 2nd place, and a $100 gift certificate to amazon for the 3rd place. Any of these individuals can trade amongst themselves the awards they received.

1st PlaceChristian Kreibich: Honeycomb25
2nd PlaceAndrew B. Smith/Jason M. Fox: Randomnet23.8
3rd PlaceBrian Caswell: Bportmapd22.8
4th PlaceMichael A. Davis: Honeyd-win22.5
5th PlaceWim Mees: Gmhoney21.6
6th PlaceThomas Kieffer: HoneydGUI21.5
7th Placektimm: HoneyWeb19.8
8th PlacePhilippe Bourcier: GALA15

Thank you all for participating. As a result of this challenge and your excellent submissions, the community has received several new service emulations, new configuration tools and many novel ideas on how to use Honeyd.


I would like to thank the judges who put in a great amount of time to evaluate and judge the submissions. Many of the submissions required additional software to be installed and configuration files to be understood, resulting in more time spent judging than we originally anticipated.

The judges were:

  • Mike Clark
  • Job de Haas
  • Rain Forest Puppy
  • Lance Spitzner

Thank you.



Niels Provos
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