Further experiments

The Baking Bread Experiment

This page just documents my continuing bread baking experiments. If I stumble upon any useful hints, you will be able to find them here.

Bread Nr. 2

Date: 2002-04-08

I cut the diamonds into the bread before letting is rise for two hours.

After the baking time I immediately removed the bread, and let it rest for eight more hours.

The second bread that I have baked. The proceedings included a broken bowl, blood, water and grains all over the kitchen flour. The oven would not hold the temperature again. But the result looks quite good.



Bread Nr. 3

Date: 2002-04-22

I used more water for the dough this time. As a result, the bread seems softer inside.

This is the third bread that I have baked. This time I cut it open for the picture, so that you can see the insides.


If you live in Ann Arbor, and would like to conduct your own bread experiment, you can certainly get sour dough from me. Just send an email.

If you are a bread baking expert, and have closed your eyes already anticipating impending doom, feel free to send me your comments.


Niels Provos
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